We focus on VALUE…

•by targeting markets that are growing or that are positioned for strong future growth and high potential.
• by carefully analyzing specific locations based on data and research to ensure property sites will have long lasting capacity to meet market needs of current residents and future prospects.
• by developing extensive research and planning to carefully design the properties to attract and keep quality residents.
• by working with many national lenders and selecting the best financing mechanism for each property to achieve the highest rate of return with the lowest possible risk for CST’s investors.


We demand QUALITY…

•by ensuring all construction materials are selected with careful consideration to minimize costs while still maximizing value.
• by selecting the best qualified contractor, not necessarily the lowest bid, to avoid the common construction pitfalls. This is perhaps the most important decision and one that has contributed to the firm’s excellent track record.
• by employing a construction manager that not only oversees the apartment community design but also its quality construction.
• by having the architect and construction manager oversee all aspects of the design and construction to maximize quality as well as profit.
• by contracting with CST’s management firm throughout the entire process from site selection, to design and then ultimately to a 100% lease-up rate on the properties.
• by ensuring properties are delivered on time, within budget, and leased up to achieve top returns for CST’s investors.


“We work with many national lenders to select the best financing mechanism to achieve the highest return for our investors.”